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Picture Book Bundle: Seasons & Holidays #1

Picture Book Bundle: Seasons & Holidays #1

Borrow a Picture Book Bundle!

No time to browse our collection? We can do it for you! This set is specifically for books about seasons of the year and holidays. Please let us know which seasons/holidays you are looking for in the comment section of the booking form or we'll send you the current/upcoming season. 

    • ​​Each book bundle contains 15-25 picture books depending on availability. If you are looking for a specific number of books please indicate on your booking form.
    • Check out one of these specially curated book bundles to your public or school library for 90 days.

Can I let my patrons borrow them?

Yes! And you have options, here's how:

    • ​You can add them to your ILS system with temporary bar codes to be checked out with a library card.
    • OR
      1. Pull out the index card tucked into each book.
      2. Use the index card to record the students name, contact information, library card - whatever helps you find them.
      3. You keep the card and the student borrows the book.
      4. When the book comes back, tuck the index card back in the book.
      5. ​​Just remember to have them return the book in time for the whole bundle to be returned to us!
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