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Five Sense Theme Box

Five Sense Theme Box

Five Senses Theme Box
(Lakeshore 2009)

Children learn all about their senses with comprehensive, hands-on lessons that span the curriculum! From a feely box and manipulatives to a rainbow viewer, our theme box is packed with materials that help children explore textures, flavors, sights, sounds and scents. Plus, you get a guide with tons of involving activities that cover 10 curriculum areas—from math to dramatic play. Kit also includes books related to the topic.


  • 1 activity guide
  • 1 storage tub
  • 5 books
    • Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See? by Eric Carle
    • Panda Bear, Panda Bear, What Do You See? by Eric Carle
    • Polar Bear, Polar Bear, What Do You Hear? by Eric Carle
    • The Eye Book by Dr Seuss
    • My Five Senses by Margaret Miller
  • 20 sorting pieces
  • 5 sorting mats
  • 1 rainbow viewer
  • 1 magnifier
  • 6 scented markers
  • 1 "sounds and noises that we know" CD
  • 1 feely box
  • 10 textured manipulatives
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